The iHowz Accreditation Scheme                                                                                                             

The Accreditation scheme follows the syllabus as accepted by the London Rental Standard (LRS), as originated by London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) in 2004 with support from the precursor to iHowz – the Southern Private Landlords Association (SPLA).

The scheme consists of an initial Foundation Course to give an overview of the principles of letting.  The course content can be seen here

At the end of the one Foundation Course attendee’s will take a short test to establish their knowledge.  Once they have passed this test they will an Accredited Landlord, or Agent and agree to abide by the iHowz Accreditation Scheme Code of Conduct and declare they are a Fit and Proper Person.

The Accredited Landlord, or Agent will then have to maintain their accreditation by attending:-

  • further Continual Professional Development (CPD) course – a list can been seen here;
  • iHowz arranged meetings;
  • Landlord Forums arranged by Local Authorities;
  • membership of a recognised landlord association.

It will be necessary to acrue 60 points over 5 years to retaing the accreditation.  Points can be earned by:-

  • Initial Foundation course - 5 points;
  • Membership of Landlord Association - 5 points for each year;
  • Membership of recognised professional body - 5 points for each year;
  • CPD courses -  5 to 8 points;
  • Attending forum - 5 points;
  • Approved seminars – 2 to 5 points;
  • Local authority participation – 1 to 3 points;
  • Attending council forum:-
    • < 3 hours – 2 points;
    • > 3 hours – 3 points;


Any complaint made against an accredited landlord will be conducted according to the iHowz Complaints Procedure


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